Kerstin Söderblom

Cover Queer theologische NotizenKerstin Söderblom, born 1963, is University Chaplain at the Protestant University Chaplaincy (ESG) in Mainz. She is systemic councellor, superviser (DGSv), coach (DGfC) and mediator. For more than 30 years she has offered lectures, workshops and trainings about queer theological topics. For the last 25 years she has been a delegate of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

Kerstin Söderblom is blogging regularly about events and experiences, that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people have with church institutions, parishes and with their faith. She comments on developments in the queer world from a Christian perspective.

Her blogposts from 2015-2020 are collected in the book Queer theologische Notizen.

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Queer-Affirming Pastoral Care

Cover Queer-Affirming Pastoral Care

Is it possible to combine Christian and queer-affirming attitudes in a counseling context? This book provides concrete case studies to show that it is indeed possible and shows how this connection can be touching and liberating. Kerstin Söderblom explains the meaning of queer-affirming pastoral care, using narrative miniatures of counseling sessions. The basis for this is the evaluation of case studies from pastoral care and casual services. Moreover, it presents queer-friendly impulses for pastoral care sermons, queer “re-readings” of biblical texts, prayers and rituals. The book shares exciting and touching stories from a pastoral-theological world that is usually still completely ignored. It combines professional pastoral care work with the question of how it can be offered to queer people in an appropriate and respectful way.

English edition of the German book Queersensible Seelsorge

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Queersensible Seelsorge

Cover Queersensibele Seelsorge

Christlich und queersensibel im Kontext Seelsorge – geht das? Das vorliegende Buch zeigt anhand konkreter Fallbeispiele, wie berührend und befreiend diese Verbindung sein kann. Kerstin Söderblom erzählt praxisnah, anhand lebensgeschichtlicher Miniaturen queerer Ratsuchender, was queersensible Seelsorge ist. Die Grundlage bildet dabei die Auswertung von Fallbeispielen aus der Seelsorge- und Kasualpraxis. Zusätzlich werden queerfreundliche seelsorgliche Predigtimpulse, queere Re-Lektüren biblischer Texte, Gebete und Rituale vorgestellt. Das Buch enthält spannende und berührende Geschichten aus einer pastoraltheologisch zumeist noch komplett ignorierten Welt. Es verbindet professionelle Seelsorgearbeit mit der Frage, wie sie für queere Personen angemessen und respektvoll angeboten werden kann.

Original German edition

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